“Children must be taught How to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead

Keeping our Motto as magnificent as the thought above, with transparency in our aims, We established an organization under the name Mathematics Coaching Centre (2001). It was created with the vision to seek greater insight into how children learn mathematics and refining lessons to best promote Children’s learning. Students should be able to reason and communicate mathematically. “Problem solving” is a life skill that students need to successful in their daily lives, in their chosen career and eradicates the phobia of mathematics. Initially, batches were started for B.Sc. students. In first 3 years of inception, MCC produced 2 toppers in first 3 positions of Punjabi University, Patiala. Thereon, we find immense pleasure in announcing that Position scoring is replicated till date. Soaringaa higher, we strengthen by introducing Advanced coaching for IIT-Jam (MSC Mathematics Entrance to IIT). 100% students passed the entrance exam.

From 2016, we introduced coaching for JEE Main/Advance for +1, +2 students. With the introduction of these advance courses, existing faculty was upgraded with latest knowledge and equipment. Additionally faculty was added to ensure that proper focus was given on each and every student. We “The MCC Team” stress on ensuring that every student is given proper attention as per his/her caliber. Slow learner is given special attention and counselled frequently so that they cop up with competition edge in every student. Coaching is provided 6 days a week, in which advanced coaching classes are scheduled every Sunday. Doubts/queries are clarified on daily basis personally by Prof. Ms. Anu Sood herself for better understanding of students and gradually the curriculum is updated.

We teaches a team and learn as a family for it is not only the competitions that matter but “life ethics” as a whole. Hence MCC promotes itself as an organization which finds a balance both professionally and ethically. I, as the director of MCC ensures that we will put in our best to find your “very best” and fly to your aspirations as high as your own winds can take.